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Bird Flu

Bird flu could be the greatest threat to modern civilization and the world is poorly prepared for a bird flu pandemic. The rapid spread of the bird flu virus raises the question: what can we do to protect ourselves if a bird flu pandemic strikes?

A potential bird flu pandemic can’t be taken lightly.

By taking samples from lungs of exhumed victims researchers at the USA Centers For Disease Control confirmed the 1918 Spanish flu was also a bird flu. Alarming news because the Spanish flu pandemic was a global catastrophe infecting approximately one quarter of the United States and one fifth of the world.
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Learn All The Secrets They Don’t Tell You About Bird Flu

Isn’t it interesting to think that one day you could be going about your normal everyday life and then suddenly an outbreak of bird flu could be on you? What would you do in this situation? How would you react? Most people will tell you that they would stay calm and do what they are told, however this is unfortunately not true. You see, most people will panic and as a result, total chaos could erupt. So what can we do prevent this from occurring in the unlikely event of a bird flu breakout?

Preparation Is The Key

One of the first things that most people will think about if bird flu was upon them, is their loved ones and where they are located, therefore it is important to make sure you can communicate with your family and friends fast and easily. Does everyone in your family, including your children have a cell phone? Perhaps only to use just for emergencies.
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The Risks of Bird Flu

In the last years a new problem seemed to be occurring. Media considered it a huge disaster and a threat for human kind. They realized that more than two-thirds of the globe was at risk of being infected with the bird flu virus called H5N1. It was also noticed that for people that got infected the chances of survival were 50-50%. The statistics come and prove this phenomenon agreeing with the fact that half of the affected people have died. That is why specialists required the development of vaccines and a stockpile of medicine.
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Symptoms Of Bird Flu

Whether man is on the nature-conquering spree or the nature is on the spree of subduing the humanity? Who is the master and who’s whose servant? Technology or man? Can the push-button comforts provide relief to all your miseries? Have you conquered all the diseases, identified all the viruses so that you can ravel in a state of perfect health? Then why do you have these symptoms, which your doctor has identified as bird flu?
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Bird Flu Virus is Now Known to Have Evolved in Two Forms

What was only a supposition, now it is proven, that the bird flu virus has evolved in two strains that are distinct genetically speaking. This is not good news as it might cause even more deaths among humans and the researchers will have to work double for finding an effective vaccine against these two forms of bird flu virus.
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General Information Regarding Avian Influenza (bird Flu)

The World Health Organization (WHO) makes reports and updates regarding new human cases of infection with bird flu. The only subtype that can cause severe illness to people is Influenza A /H5N1 virus, initially it affects chickens, ducks and other birds by the process of mutation they can become highly pathogenic. Because highly pathogenic viruses can survive for long periods in tissue, water and in the environment, especially when temperatures are low is transmitted very easily in chickens and other birds through direct contact with feces and secretions from infected birds, eggs, feed, water, cages equipment, vehicles and clothing. Public health authorities monitor human illnesses associated with avian influenza.
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Your Bird Flu Pandemic Survival Shopping Guide


During a bird pandemic you should remain as isolated from everybody outside your family as possible. Therefore, you should shop only for necessities: food, water, fuel and medicine.


Therefore, you should go only to a supermarket, drug store, gas station, convenience store or discount store.

A bird flu pandemic is not the time to buy furniture, clothes, electronic toys or tools. It’s not a good time to hang out at the mall.


Go during the slowest periods possible, so you will be exposed to as few people as possible. Check out your area to learn what stores stay open 24 hours a day. Read more »

Do The Risk Of Bird Flu Outbreak Hover Over Australia Also?

The pattern of working of the avian influenza is like that of touring of a cricket/hockey team…one country after another. Everywhere it meets with success in some degrees.
Avian influenza, popularly known as bird flu did not spare the vast continent of Australia either. Could it be the migratory birds that have done the trick? Migratory birds were held in awe and admiration by you, particularly by the bird-watchers all over the world. But, now you await them with suspicion.
Does avian influenza in birds cause the disease to spread in human beings also? Luckily, not to a great extent so far. The deaths reported since 2003, with the arrival of the flagship bird flu virus, H5N1, are just 120 all over the world. Read more »

Bird Flu Threat Case In Europe

Why the health authorities are too scary about this virus H5N1?

It reminds some of the health researchers and scientists about the Black Death (Bubonic Plague) that broke out in China in 1300 and quickly spread to Europe. The death toll soon was in millions.
The scientists fear that this virus H5N1 has similar potentialities. However, the beginning of the devastation created by this virus is humble. The total death toll since its emergence is just 200! For the present, the rate of annihilation is slightly over 50% of the total persons affected.

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Avian Influenza (bird Flu) Particular Concerns

Avian Influenza first occurred in Italy, but nowdays is spread along the world. It is an infectious disease caused by type A strains of the influenza virus. All birds are supposed to be susceptible to the avian influenza, but particularly domestic poultry.

Recombined with the human influenza viruses form a totally new influenza virus to which people do not have protection that spreads in the population and that causes serious illness and death in humans. Bird Flu is an infectious disease of birds that can also affect people. It can present mild or severe forms of illness.

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